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A Netflix gift card, for whom ?

Are you a film and series enthusiast and a fan of TV shows? The ideal gift now exists : a Netflix gift card!

Netflix, the platform that offers subscriptions to watch content online, also adopts gift cards.

This gift card is an original gift for movie lovers, to please you or to please others. Your loved ones can renew their subscription for a few months, or test the service for the first time, without registering a credit card. Thus, you will be able to navigate for hours among exclusive productions, films of all genres, cartoons or the best series of the moment, in original versions. There are even documentaries and content for children.

Everyone can enjoy this gift card for everyone! Tell us what are your favorite Netflix series or movies, we’d love to hear from you!


How to use your Netflix gift card ?

We suggest you use your cryptos to and buy a gift card worth 50€. When connecting to your user account, you will only have to enter the digits of the gift card as a means of payment, and view freely all the content available for you. Adding your digital code to your Netflix account is simple — simply go to the following link : netflix.com/redeem and enter the 11-digit number to top up your Netflix account.

Depending on the number of screens the user has configured, but with a long validity date, you can expect to benefit from your gift card for 4 to 6 months, or months of free subscriptions to Netflix.

The delivery of the code is done instantly on your LimonX customer area or directly to your email address.
Remember that it is not mandatory to create a LimonX account to buy your gift cards!


Don’t deprive yourself of more of your favorite actors or actresses with the Netflix Gift Card !


===> Enjoy yourself, use your cryptos on LimonX 🙂 <==


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