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A library of multimedia content

Do you know Google Play? This online digital shop lists thousands of applications, books, games and films!

This Google Play gift card will allow you to get media content that can be used on all your Android devices, smartphones and tablets. Thanks to your card, you can buy or rent the latest movies or TV series not to be missed, or take your favourite books and magazines and games with you everywhere. All content will be available even without an internet connection by downloading and synchronizing your Google digital products from the platform, and directly to your devices.

New products are regularly uploaded by Google according to trends, which offers a wide choice of multimedia options. The beneficiary will be able to compose his list of preferences via his online interface and thus be up to date with the latest applications and content available according to his wishes.

How to use my Google Play gift card ?

First convert your e-money into a Google Play gift card worth €50. Then, you or the beneficiary of your choice can immediately access this credit and buy music, movies or books! This gift card can be used once or several times to enjoy it for longer.

Browse through this 4.0 library that will always be by your side and enjoy spending the Google Play gift card to discover or rediscover unique content.


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