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A gift card for the largest online store : Amazon France

Want to mark a special occasion but you are short of ideas? If you hesitate between offering the latest novel to read, a new high-tech equipment or vibrating on the latest musical hit, the Amazon gift card is for you!

With millions of products in stock, Amazon is a must for any type of cultural, food or textile purchase from all over the world. Amazon France offers a wide choice of references and brands, new or second-hand, with the possibility of creating lists of favourites. In addition, Amazon guarantees fast delivery, which allows you to receive your purchase without delay!

Plus, with LimonX you can now shop on Amazon France with Bitcoin, how cool is that?!

How to pay with Bitcoin on Amazon.fr ?

Choose the amount of your Amazon.fr gift card, from 50€ to 250€ and pay with Bitcoin or several other cryptocurrencies on our shop. Select your Amazon gift cards and proceed to checkout. You will receive an email with your Amazon.fr gift card codes and you can find the codes on your LimonX account, in the Orders tab.

Congratulations, you can now easily buy Amazon.fr gift cards with your Bitcoin !

After browsing through Amazon.fr and placing the items of your choice in his basket, you will only have to pay for the purchase with your credit. The credit is valid for 10 years on the amazon.de website. It can also be combined with other offers or gift cards ! It is up to you to choose the format that suits you best!

How fast will I receive my Amazon.fr gift card ?

When you place your order, our platform will create a brand new Amazon.fr gift card. As soon as the blockchain confirmation of the transaction is complete, we will ship the codes to your Account and your email. If you feel like your order is taking too long, do not hesitate to contact our support team!

If the blockchain network isn’t clogged, you can receive your Amazon.fr gift card in just a couple of minutes.

I need help, who can I contact ?

You haven’t received your Amazon gift card? You don’t have access to the checkout page or having troubles checking in your LimonX account?

If you are having troubles redeeming your Amazon gift card, you have several ways for reaching us :

  1. Send us a mail at support@limonx.io
  2. Join us on our Discord
  3. Talk to the team on Telegram

Amazon France Terms & Conditions

Amazon.fr strictly enforces their gift card Terms & Conditions. Please note that Amazon can flag your account and lock your Amazon balance if you redeem excessive amounts of Amazon gift cards in a short amount of time or attempt to ship or purchase from across country borders. LimonX will have no ability to help when Amazon flags your account and you can not ask for a refunds of your account.

WARNING : Amazon.fr gift card can only be used on Amazon.fr and not on other Amazon sites.

===> Enjoy yourself, use your cryptos on LimonX 🙂 <==


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