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Reload your TransCash Prepaid Payment Card with your crypto currencies

The Transcash card is a very popular Visa prepaid card in France. Its advantage is its flexibility: you do not need to open a bank account and you are not bound by a subscription. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel it without any problems.

Attention, TransCash has just announced a change in the monthly payment limits. More information on the TransCash websiteTransCash.

How does it work?

The TRANSCASH card works on the same principle as a prepaid phone card. After you have purchased your pack of 2 TRANSCASH cards, you can start funding your card account to pay and withdraw money (depending on their UGC and GTC).

Transcash Explications

Where to buy the TransCash card

Buy your card now directly on the TransCash website or at one of their 35,000 points of sale.

Attention: We do not provide the card, only the reload credit.


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